Simple Tricks to Know What Can and Can’t Be Used In Your House

So you have some days off, and you want to use them to rearrange the mess you’ve made weeks ago that you don’t even have a chance to look at. To me, it’s a fun and good thing to do to your house; it’s also the way to improve your house as well as your life. Maybe you can buy many things for your sweet home like some kitchen appliances, some modern living room furniture such as the best ceiling fans or the best vintage lamps, but if you don’t tidy and clean them regularly, they will no longer shine and your home will be a completely mess! In this post I want to show you how to deal with these without wasting too much time and efforts.

Ceiling Fans

The first thing you need to know is how to make a list of things you need to do. It’s not only about what you see and just list them out, you also have to know which area of the house you need to clean up first. To me, I often begin from the hardest work where the mess is biggest and waste most of your efforts. You should start from it because people tend to handle the hard work first to be more comfortable and feel less afraid of working with the rest. You should list out the timetable for filtering and getting rid of old stuffs in your house, so you can run all the works within the scheduled time.

No matter how hard you try to keep things in their positions, but sometimes the household appliances or even the spilled food can be stacked up without our noticing and then make the house look dirty and untidy instead of being clean and globes all the time. In fact, you don’t need to be that much worried! If you find it unwillingly with the thought of getting rid of stuffs – or just simply because you don’t know where to start, so these simple tricks might help you a little:

  1. Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Begin with the fridge. Leave out the out dated food and drink in you fridge. Products such as milk, cream, cheese and other seasons that are used regularly often has short expire dates. Take out all the left overs and clean all the reusable packing such as bottles, carton boxes…

Then clean up the kitchen cabinet or the kitchen drawers. If the stuffs are too out or out fashioned, you should take them out and replace them with better and newer ones.

Remember to check all the sharp kitchen tools and other kitchen appliances such and pants, ovens, pots… Notice the big appliances that require large space in the kitchen, especially some equipment that are not used regularly or too old to use.

  1. Living room cleaning

Living room cleaning

First of all, take care of the floor. The things you should notice is the floor and the carpets. If necessary, use a portable vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust on the carpet and leave it under the sun to kill the unhealthy bacteria and mould that could appear when the weather is wet.

Then you should remove all the spider webs on the ceiling and the corners of the living room. It’s not easy at all but it can make your room be shiny. Of course don’t forget the ceiling fan. It’s one of the dirtiest appliances in the living room because the dust coat in each blade is quite thick.

Finally, use some scented spray to get rid of the smell inside your room. That could help your family members to have a healthy and relaxing atmosphere when gathering in living room each evening.

If you want to dispose all the old and unused stuffs in your house but worry about whether throw them away or give them to someone that are in need, better you should store the most essential things in your storage floor or the attic until being sure what to do with them. If after a month since you get rid of them from your rooms and you don’t feel like needing them in your daily life, that means you are doing right!