The turntables to DJ

You Want to DJ, Right? – The Equipment Spend for You

The equipment to DJ

To DJ, many people always find a suitable equipment – the best turntables, Midi controllers, or CDJs. You should purchase a Midi controller – the Traktor S4 or CDJs, shouldn’t you? Well, there is a hard problem and a worry of most DJs. It can say that this question is pretty difficult to answer because it is based on the needs of the DJs and yours. In this article, we will share with you what you need to consider before choosing to buy the new equipment.

The Equipment Spend for DJing

The Turntables

Initially, I and you will learn on the turntable, which is my favorite tool. Have you owned the Technics 1200? It is certain that you shall know an accurate way – the feel of it isn’t necessary like it. Basically, what the manufacturers of the newest equipment related to DJ say – there isn’t a matter of concern because they often mention to a new CD deck making the vinyl feel, but it is not necessary. In case you are a scratch DJ/ turntablist, the fact doesn’t have any comparison between a jog wheel and the record size.

Nonetheless, this DJ type has a couple of weaknesses. In fact, Panasonic created the turntable model – Technics 1200, but it stopped producing in 2011 owing to the drop in sales over some past years. Correspondingly, we gradually recognize a lot of CD decks and controllers, but the turntables become less.

The turntables to DJ

So, why are these decks not being bought anymore? The majority of the turntables were designed to use for a long time and even forever while a large number of DJs needn’t one tool for many years after buying at the first. It seems that the turntable has almost been killed by the development of the technology due to many below reasons:

  • The mobility

Essentially, the turntables mustn’t be the lightest tool that enables to transport and carry easily. The flight cases may be got in order to make the movement easy. However, this contributes to adding the weight on.

  • The stylus

There is a surprising development if we compare with the previous days – they become more reliable. The stylus gradually replaces the needle. Of course, they are not cheap and you eternally need to equip the spares, just in a case of the damage in playing or transporting.

  • The vinyl

Nothing is like it. Most DJ can tell you the similar thing. To produce, it isn’t actually cheap because it must take a long period of time so as to press. If compared to the CD, it is more expensive. If the tracks have appeared on the charts, the cost is within $6-$20 for each track.

The CD Decks

The CD deck is easy to carry

This product had released in the late 90s. In particular, in 2002, it had released the CDJ-800, which was utilized by many DJs. It allows them to control the track no different from the turntable. Exactly, this was an industry revolution that contributed to changing the way of DJing because of the below reasons:

  • Loop function

It allows you to loop the track’s parts in order to repeat and increase the creativity of the performed mixture. At once, the build-up is also created in the mixture.

  • Jog wheels

Thanks to the jog wheels, you can control the track by moving the record forward or back so as to scratch the CD and find the cue points.

  • Cue

It is necessary to choose the needle arm with one turntable. That needle must be placed back to the beginning of the track’s the part that was being played. With this function, it allows the DJ to be able to mix the tracks a fast way.

A large number of DJs enjoy using this equipment because it is easy to carry and transport in comparison with a Vinyl box. Nonetheless, you should also know that a CD is easy to scratch and difficult to recognize.

The DJ Controllers

Exactly, there is considered as the digital age whatever you hide it or not. Entering the competition, the Midi DJ controllers have defeated its competitors. The music constantly develops, so it appears a lot of equipment being utilized to meet the demand; especially, it must say to MP3. You just need to look at the number of iPod and digital devices that are playing this type.

On the market today, the most common model of DJ controllers is the Traktor S4 and S2 due to the Native Instruments designs. The Traktor Pro 2 is leading in this industry. As a whole, the Traktor software allows us to create a music list through the laptop. Only with the S4 onboard along with the soundcard, you will not need anything, except a place to play and a pair of headphones. So, to use the DJ controller, what are the professionalism?

The DJ controller is advantage

  • Four channels

Owning 4 channels, the S4 is to spend for those who drive and utilize the creativity yours. These channels are able to be utilized for 8 decks.

  • Effects knobs

In fact, you can use 3 effects units simultaneously. Accordingly, this one is great to add to the mixture yours that makes it better.

  • MP3/ Wav

At present, you only need to carry a laptop or related music devices that you can play MP3 as the way you’d like to.

  • Sync button

It enables you to make sure that the tracks can be matched the mix yours without taking much time.

  • Price

It can say that this selection is the cheapest if you consider the budget of one DJ.

  • Jog wheels

You can utilize them to find the cue points. At once, they are also good for scratching. Both browsing and effects controllers are also increased double. So good!

Any DJs in this century ought to consider 3 options. With this short article, it hopes that you can give a suitable decision. It is certain that you would ask yourself on the problems – the use, the way to play, and the budget. Actually, I wish that the above information will be helpful for you or bring a proper selection so that you can enjoy joy. Good luck!